Caught Red Handed?

April 25, 2010

Earlier today, a person using the name “mnp70” posted over 50 Living Dead Press reviews in the comments on this blog along with the following messages:

“Bet you suck good cock, queer”
“gay motherfucker, queer.”
“Bet you like it in the ass.”
“Fuck YOU!”
“lesbion dyke”

The IP address for the commenter was as shown in the blog control panel (email address of poster obscured):

I also have in my possession an email written by Giangregorio which originated from the same IP address (censored to protect the receiver of the email and obscure Giangregori’s email address):

You be the judge…



  1. Wow. Just wow. That’s a whole lot of anger, and I don’t see how those comments are in any way relevant to the discussion. Being caught red handed, and with proof? How very….poetic.

    And “lesbion” is spelled incorrectly.

  2. No it’s not…that’s a bionic lesbian.

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