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Jonathan Maberry on Anthony Giangregorio

May 17, 2012

Even New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry has been a victim of Anthony Giangregorio/Open Casket Press/Living Dead Press. He posted on Facebook:


Giangregorio controversy exploding around the web!

May 16, 2012

Anthony Giangregorio’s recent antics have finally caused the shit storm that’s been a long time coming.  Comments from many authors and bloggers on the situation at the links below.

Brian Keene


Jon F. Merz

Writer Beware

Lincoln Crisler

Neil Gaiman himself even said a few words about Anthony on Twitter:


Taking Criticism

April 26, 2010

Author Rhiannon Frater has written a blog post inspired by the Amazon review comments fight mentioned here yesterday.  It’s a good read for anyone facing criticism, particularly this part:

I guess a second lesson that can be gleaned from this is research the small publishers you are dealing with. A little research could save you some grief.

That’s the reason this blog exists!

Read the whole thing here.


Giangregorio’s plea for Amazon reviews… from his own authors!

April 22, 2010

An anonymous source passed along this email from  Giangregorio to some (all?) of his Living Dead Press authors.  The quality of writing coming from this “editor” is amazing!

hi everyone
this is a call to to all LDP writers.
Living Dead Press is being attacked on amazon. the two reviews that have begun the charge are on “the war against them” and “the Lazarus culture”.
The only want to fight back is to leave more positive reviews and then make the attack and negative reviews the minority
as you may know, the average person doesn’t leave reviews, they just get more books.
but the people on amazon love to leave bad reviews, negativity is fine to them.
if you like LDP and want to see it succeed, then we all have to do what we can to fight off the people that DON’T want us to succeed and would love to see us fold.
if you have friends or family with amazon accounts, please have them leave a review for some of the LDP books, specially other author written books by LDP.
this isnt about me personally even though alot of the attack is. i think of it as a company thing.
anyone who can leave a review doesn’t have to write a book for a review. a simple “I liked it” is more than fine with the 5 or 4 stars.
i dont like doing this, its not in my character but its the way the game is played so i have to play it that way or get off the field.
and i dont want to get off the field.
and if it was just me and my books on LDP then i really wouldnt care about a bunch of idiot reviews, seriously. I write my books for me and family and my legacy when I’m in the ground w/ the worms, I could care less if some jerk in Vermont or Arizona wants to read it. but LDP is bigger now and I feel I have a responsibility to you guys too to make LDP a success so you can be proud you are printed in its pages.
Permuted Press, Library of the Living dead Press and Coscom entertainment( as well as Briane Keene and other writers) all have reviews made by their writers, family and friends.
read some of them, it’s blatantly obvious if you know about the business. but you know what? that also says there is a tight knit group of people out there that has each other’s backs and will stand as one against all the negative people out there.
bottom line. no matter how hard I try, I can’t do this alone, I need help and that’s why i have to come right out and ask for it, though I never hoped I would have to.
in the end, we all stand or fall together.
thanks for any help you can give.
and to those who don’t know yet, check out the June, July & August issue of Fangoria for our full color ad.
ps. if you got double emails, sorry.


Giangregorio on Absolute Write

August 31, 2009

There’s a short discussion of Living Dead Press and Anthony Giangregorio on the Absolute Write forums.  This comment by “HapiSofi” sums it up pretty well:

A clueless no-distribution not-ready-for-prime-time press is bad enough. But a clueless no-distribution not-ready-for-prime-time press that’s playing fast and loose with copyrights in ways that could get them tied up in court for years? Run away, very fast.


Nick Mamatas on Giangregorio

August 19, 2009

Author Nick Mamatas posted on his blog a bit about Giangregorio’s unauthorized Dawn of the Dead sequel and his clash with author John Skipp.  He also posts a bit about Giangregorio’s editing complaints against Permuted Press:

Ooh ooh, though he wishes copyright would vanish he seems to have a problem with his publisher inserting “rape scenes” into his books (and indeed, there is no reason why he shouldn’t have a problem with such a thing). Perhaps though his editor was just hoping that some Hollywood producers were looking for an good ol’fashioned zombie rape movie idea. You know, for kids! (Or maybe the rape really was always in the book.)

I’ll post more about Giangregorio’s fight with Permuted Press when I have time to dissect it.