Jonathan Maberry on Anthony Giangregorio

May 17, 2012

Even New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry has been a victim of Anthony Giangregorio/Open Casket Press/Living Dead Press. He posted on Facebook:


A message to Anthony Giangregorio: Want to tell your story?

May 16, 2012

Anthony – I know there are two sides to every story. Want to tell your side? Use the contact link to the right to send what you’d like the world to know. You have my guarantee whatever you send will be posted unaltered.


Giangregorio controversy exploding around the web!

May 16, 2012

Anthony Giangregorio’s recent antics have finally caused the shit storm that’s been a long time coming.  Comments from many authors and bloggers on the situation at the links below.

Brian Keene


Jon F. Merz

Writer Beware

Lincoln Crisler

Neil Gaiman himself even said a few words about Anthony on Twitter:


When publishing goes wrong… Starring Anthony Giangregorio

May 16, 2012

Anthony Giangregorio is at it again.  See this blog post that is making the rounds for the unfortunate tale of an author who had a run in with Giangregorio.

I wish there were Literary Police for people like you.


UPDATE!  Two more stories of authors who dodged the bullet with Giangregorio:

Richard Salter

Tim Lieder


Misunderstanding About Negative Comments

April 29, 2010

Living Dead Fiction posted about this site, but there seems to be some confusion over the comments posted here the other day that appear to have been posted by Anthony Giangregorio.

Living Dead Fiction says:

I mean, they have “quotes” from some of them, but never the full emails.

To clarify, these are not quotes from emails.   These are comments that were left directly on this blog – you can see an example here.  It wasn’t a conversation, there is no other side to post.  I do have an email from Giangregorio in my possession, but those comments were posted to this blog, not from any email.

The author of the post also has positive things to say about Giangregorio:

Tony gave me a shot and has published three stories of mine in three separate anthologies that I am proud to be a part of. My name is Matt Nord.


Taking Criticism

April 26, 2010

Author Rhiannon Frater has written a blog post inspired by the Amazon review comments fight mentioned here yesterday.  It’s a good read for anyone facing criticism, particularly this part:

I guess a second lesson that can be gleaned from this is research the small publishers you are dealing with. A little research could save you some grief.

That’s the reason this blog exists!

Read the whole thing here.


Caught Red Handed?

April 25, 2010

Earlier today, a person using the name “mnp70” posted over 50 Living Dead Press reviews in the comments on this blog along with the following messages:

“Bet you suck good cock, queer”
“gay motherfucker, queer.”
“Bet you like it in the ass.”
“Fuck YOU!”
“lesbion dyke”

The IP address for the commenter was as shown in the blog control panel (email address of poster obscured):

I also have in my possession an email written by Giangregorio which originated from the same IP address (censored to protect the receiver of the email and obscure Giangregori’s email address):

You be the judge…