Taking Criticism

April 26, 2010

Author Rhiannon Frater has written a blog post inspired by the Amazon review comments fight mentioned here yesterday.  It’s a good read for anyone facing criticism, particularly this part:

I guess a second lesson that can be gleaned from this is research the small publishers you are dealing with. A little research could save you some grief.

That’s the reason this blog exists!

Read the whole thing here.



  1. Frater’s blog post was spot on and every aspiring writer should read it. I do hope to have a book out there of my own someday and I can only imagine how criticism or a bad review feels (though my wife has been my most honest critic… even laughed uncontrollably at one passage I had intended to be serious and tragic… but I still love her and take her criticism to heart and hopefully wind up a better writer in the end.) 🙂

    I do know that criticism stings but have only experienced it in private. I suppose there’s additional sting to see the criticism on the net for everyone else to see. But criticism is criticism and the best thing an author can do is to be honest with him/herself. Does it have merit? It usually does. Take that criticism and improve yourself. Write an even better story/book next time.

    I remember a classic episode of the Twilight Zone where a criminal dies and thinks he goes to heaven. Everything goes his way… nice house, nice car, girlfriends, all the money he wants. He loves to gamble and soon learns that he wins EVERY TIME. He shoots a game of pool but every ball is sunk on his opening break. His girlfriends all love him without question. He becomes bored… nothing goes wrong for him, there’s no challenge to anything… this isn’t real life. That’s when he learns he’s in Hell.

    Maybe when an author dies, that might be the worst kind of Hell. Everything you write is a masterpiece and receives nothing but rave reviews. No challenge or joy of growth.

    Criticism may hurt but if received properly, it may lead to greater achievements.

  2. LDPWriter, you are a class act.

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