Living Dead Press Reviews

April 24, 2010

Someone passed through and posted over 30 reviews (update, over 50) of Living Dead Press books in the comments of different posts here in under an hour. Rather than have reviews spread across multiple posts in the comments, anyone interested in reading Living Dead Press book reviews is welcome to visit these links:

Barnes & Noble

And don’t miss this review of The War Against Them where someone got in an argument with the reviewer, called the reviewer’s office and tried to get her fired, then went back and deleted all their comments and changed their username to “Suzy Q” to cover their tracks. And the review was 4 out of 5 stars!



  1. gay motherfucker, queer.

  2. lesbion dyke

  3. Bet you suck good cock, queer

  4. Hello to you to. The person calling names above (and in several other comments which I deleted) is the same person who posted 50+ reviews of Living Dead Press books in the comments here.

    That you, Giangregorio?

  5. New post about the vulgar commenter above:


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