Giangregorio’s plea for Amazon reviews… from his own authors!

April 22, 2010

An anonymous source passed along this email from  Giangregorio to some (all?) of his Living Dead Press authors.  The quality of writing coming from this “editor” is amazing!

hi everyone
this is a call to to all LDP writers.
Living Dead Press is being attacked on amazon. the two reviews that have begun the charge are on “the war against them” and “the Lazarus culture”.
The only want to fight back is to leave more positive reviews and then make the attack and negative reviews the minority
as you may know, the average person doesn’t leave reviews, they just get more books.
but the people on amazon love to leave bad reviews, negativity is fine to them.
if you like LDP and want to see it succeed, then we all have to do what we can to fight off the people that DON’T want us to succeed and would love to see us fold.
if you have friends or family with amazon accounts, please have them leave a review for some of the LDP books, specially other author written books by LDP.
this isnt about me personally even though alot of the attack is. i think of it as a company thing.
anyone who can leave a review doesn’t have to write a book for a review. a simple “I liked it” is more than fine with the 5 or 4 stars.
i dont like doing this, its not in my character but its the way the game is played so i have to play it that way or get off the field.
and i dont want to get off the field.
and if it was just me and my books on LDP then i really wouldnt care about a bunch of idiot reviews, seriously. I write my books for me and family and my legacy when I’m in the ground w/ the worms, I could care less if some jerk in Vermont or Arizona wants to read it. but LDP is bigger now and I feel I have a responsibility to you guys too to make LDP a success so you can be proud you are printed in its pages.
Permuted Press, Library of the Living dead Press and Coscom entertainment( as well as Briane Keene and other writers) all have reviews made by their writers, family and friends.
read some of them, it’s blatantly obvious if you know about the business. but you know what? that also says there is a tight knit group of people out there that has each other’s backs and will stand as one against all the negative people out there.
bottom line. no matter how hard I try, I can’t do this alone, I need help and that’s why i have to come right out and ask for it, though I never hoped I would have to.
in the end, we all stand or fall together.
thanks for any help you can give.
and to those who don’t know yet, check out the June, July & August issue of Fangoria for our full color ad.
ps. if you got double emails, sorry.



  1. As a writer published by Living Dead Press, I’d like to say a few things not pointed out in this blog.

    Many of us were first time writers and Living Dead Press published our first works. The owner of this site should really check out any of the anthologies and see for himself the quality of those stories. They are good (I’m not talking about mine).

    As a writer, Living Dead Press treated my work with respect. It was a rewarding experience and I’d be happy to do it again. Living Dead Press was nothing but good to me. Anthony Giangregorio, who is so vilified here, was generous with his time and very considerate towards me. His edits improved my story and I walked away learning quite a bit.

    Sad those kind of things are not mentioned in this blog.

  2. This is the first positive contact about Living Dead Press the site has received. I’d be happy to make what you’ve said a full blown blog post if you’ll give your name and which Living Dead Press book your work appear is in.

    • Are you willing to disclose who you are? I think its unfair that this entire blog is anonymous… especialy given its vicious nature. The person taking such delight and care in maintaining the attacks on this site should have the character to show himself. If this site was created for personal reasons — if this person felt wronged in some way — the he should stand by his words with his name.

      • Nearly all the posts here come from Giangregorio’s website or his message board fights. Any negativity here is just coming from him. Who I am is irrelevant.

        My offer is still open, if you’d like to give your name I will post a positive blog with your comments. Unfortunately that’s the only way I can know for sure that it isn’t Giangregorio himself posting.

  3. I don’t think it’s irrelevant who you are. Putting your name on your work (as compiler and selective editor) establishes accountability. Reporters have their names at the top of their stories. But I won’t belabor the point.

    I personally don’t like all the mud slinging on the internet (not just talking about this blog) and far too much of it is anonymous. People get hurt and the accuser walks away with clean hands.

    Unfortunately, I’m not comfortable with giving my name because of your anonymity. How do I know I can trust you if I don’t know who you are? I have my own reputation to consider. And that’s the rub when it comes to such negative content… by stating who you are, you risk damage to your own reputation. That is by associating yourself with all of this. Dirt doesn’t care who the owner is, it just staines everyone involved. By retaining your own anonymity, you personally have nothing at stake. Yet, you ask me to risk more than you.

    I do agree with you. By not giving my name, you don’t know if I’m Giangregorio or not. All I can say is that I’m not and I’m telling the truth.

    What I can say, is that one consequence of this blog is the damage done to all the authors who signed up with LDP. These people worked hard on their stories and books and they have nothing to do with any of this. I’m sure you didn’t personally mean to harm them but that’s a consequence of your compilations. You’re harming far more people than the one you’re aiming at. Yes, you can say that Tony and LDP has some blame in that for mistakes, but you are perpetuating it. You’ve put in the time and energy to put a magnifying glass on it. And that burns the other writers who were nothing more than proud to see their stories or books in print. For what Tony might have done wrong, he did good things for those writers. I’m sure many of them had the same experiences I shared above. I think Tony recognizes he has made mistakes and regrets many of them. And I think he was hurt by them as well as how this blog highlights them.

    I can tell you, if your intention was to set out and hurt him personally, you’ve achieved that. You’ve also hurt others. That’s why I thought it was relevant for you to say who you are.

    • If anyone is to blame for hurt that might come from this blog it is Giangregorio, not me. I’ve only posted and linked to things he has done. When the police catch a criminal and the criminal’s family is hurt by the news the police don’t get the blame for that hurt, the criminal does.

      If Giangregorio wants to send in an apology for his mistakes he is more than welcome to do so and I will post it.

      • But with the police, you have their badge numbers and you know where the police station is. They don’t hide.

      • Let me qualify that since I rattled it off so quickly. Strike, “They don’t hide.” Not trying to be snide.

        Replace with “Since, you know who they are, you know they don’t have a personal agenda.”

  4. True, but I’m not the police nor is Gaingregorio a criminal that I know of. The point was that the person doing the wrong is at fault, not the person exposing the wrong.

    • With all due respect, this blog does seem to have a personal agenda behind it.

      If I didn’t know Tony, I’d walk away from this blog thinking he was a monster in a horror book. He is a friend of mine. He’s not the guy the blog’s distilled him to be. Yes, much of what you’ve posted were from his website. I can’t be one to speak to that. However, some threads you’ve linked to involve caddy comments and others were pulled (I suspect because they too wanted to just forget an unfortunate moment and move on.)

      I will leave with this and go back to my original point. I go back to the other authors, including myself, who he has done good by.

      That’s all I really wanted to say. To go any further would just to be caught in a quagmire. To have an honest discussion you need to see eye to eye… but neither of us are willing to divulge our identities.

  5. Bet you like it in the ass.

  6. LDPWRITER SAID: I think its unfair that this entire blog is anonymous…especialy given its vicious nature. The person taking such delight and care in maintaining the attacks on this site should have the character to show himself. If this site was created for personal reasons — if this person felt wronged in some way — the he should stand by his words with his name.

    This blog owner has not done anything that Tony G is not currently doing. By all accounts of the posts here (message board fights, Amazon fights, etc.), Tony G is doing the exact same thing. Is it right for one and not the other?

    TONYGSUCKS SAID: Unfortunately that’s the only way I can know for sure that it isn’t Giangregorio himself posting.

    It isn’t Tony G. He doesn’t write that coherently.

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