Giangregorio’s “sequel” to Dawn of the Dead

August 16, 2009

Anthony Giangregorio wrote and self-published an apparently unauthorized sequel to the 1979 film Dawn of the Dead called Dead Reckoning: Dawning of the Dead.  Giangregorio claims that the novel has been removed from print (though at this time it’s still available on Amazon) and is now available as a free download.

After a review of Dawning of the Dead on Fangoria.com (be sure to read the comments there) stirred up controversy, it was discovered Giangregorio had posted then removed a page on his site where he admits that he knew his right to publish a sequel to Dawn of the Dead was questionable.  It also discusses his conflict with author/editor John Skipp over Giangregorio’s publication of an anthology titled Book of the Dead which shares the title of the classic Skipp and Spector zombie anthology.  Giangreorio also admits that he pulled a story from the original edition of Book of the Dead where he had used characters from the film Dawn of the Dead.

Check out a snapshot of the page that Giangregorio posted then removed.

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